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The project suggests using the computational capabilities of the sub allocated mining networks for finding new types of medicine, protides, other chemical compounds useful for people and similar economically attractive calculations. Cryptocurrency miners use their immense computational capabilities for calculating unique but completely useless information. Project “Elige.re” will direct these computational capabilities to the benefit not only of the participants of the project but of the humanity as a whole.

Project Details


We will combine the existing systems of grid calculations specializing in searching of the new types of medicine (such as the BOINC project) and chemical compounds with the help of the block chain technology. We will use the search of all the possible variants basing on the computational calculations of the participants of the network – the miners – to find the data we need. Later we will expand the functionality of the platform using neural network to increase the probability of discovering the required data. The processed variations will be stored into the blockchain. The miners will receive rewards in platform’s tokens for processing the data and substantial rewards for solving computational problems.

Difference from Similar Projects

The main difference from such projects as sonm or golem is that our project suggests not to sell the computational capabilities but to use them for quite specific calculations. Unlike our project, such projects as gridcoin don’t do anything useful, in general, they parasite on the others’ calculations and present those calculations as the proof of work (PoW).

Business Model

After the Elige.re platform will receive suitable data, the discovered solution will be partially or fully locked for a year’s period by the smart contract and offered to the interested pharmacological companies and corporations. The profits gain will be used to buy the platform’s tokens, thus raising the price for the project’s tokens and indirectly paying out dividends to the owners of the Elige.re platform’s tokens. In case if the data discovered by the platform will not be bought during the year, it will become unlocked automatically and available to all the interested parties without any limitations for usage.


We’re a team that adore what we do

  • Павел

    Pavel Abraksas


    System Developer


    Vitalii Koshura


    Developer in BOINC project


    Denis Untevsky


  • Валерий

    Valery Kashpruk



    Yuriy Maevskiy

    Full Stack Developer


    Irina Kobec

    Project Manager


    Aleksander Panchenko

    Team Leader

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